The Art of Tristan Meinecke -- Abstract Expressionism, Surrealism, Cubism, Found Art, Split-Level Painting -- Crushed Canvas

The Heterogeneous Icons Retrospective November 2003
At the SAIC Exhibition Space 1926 N. Halsted in Chicago -- Curated by John Corbett and Hal Rammel.

In early 2000 John Corbett and Jim Dempsey of Corbett vs Dempsey discovered Tristan Meinecke and his collection of art, music and writing.

They were taken with Meinecke's creativity and rebellious spirit, a spirit largely untempered by his years.

Subsequently, Corbett would write movingly about Meinecke's place not only in art but also in music, writing, and architecture, as well as Meinecke's creative philosophy and refusal to compromise.

The retrospective detailed at right was curated by John Corbett and Hal Rammel It opened in 2003.

This was the last show Meinecke would have during his lifetime. Since he was an elemental force in the rebuilding of Lincoln Park post-urban renewal, it was fitting that his last show was near Halsted and Armitage right in its heart.



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