Robert Bruce Tague -- Architect
In 1960 Tristan Meinecke partnered with Robert Bruce Tague. Together they created Meinecke Studios: Meinecke Tague Architects. They, along with fellow urban pioneers Bill and Jan Hunt, George McClure and a few others, then proceeded to reshape Lincoln Park of Chicago. Meinecke Tague's first offices were located in the artist's large studio at 2022 N. Cleveland in the heart of the neighborhood. The meeting of Tristan Meinecke and Robert Bruce Tague was fortuitous for both men. They shared many traits, world views, and philosophies, including their design philosophy patterned loosely after Frank Loyd Wright, Mies Van Der Rohe and Moholy Nagy. All of whom Tague knew personally very well and whom Tristan had followed. Both men were also recognized artists and most importantly, both had similar visions of how life should be lived -- they became fast friends and remained so for the rest of their lives.

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