Tristan Meinecke's attraction to jazz was vast and mutual -- He loved the Jazz world with its reliance on spontaneous improvisation, and the Jazz world loved him because he played his ass off in the early years.

He was close friends with several notable jazz icons including Mr. Warren ":Baby" Dodds who is credited with inventing the modern style of Jazz drumming.

Mr. Dodds made several visits to Meinecke's studio to "sit" for this bust. Regrettably, before the process was finished, he suffered a stroke which ultimately lead to his death in 1959. Tristan had completed much of the piece but only made the initial firing. Upon the death of his friend set the piece aside. It was never finished.

In resurrecting his work we came across the slowly deteriorating and defaced bust. It's power was obvious. We asked several ceramicists if it was possible to save. We were told that it would never survive the firings needed to finish it.

We then contacted Genevieve Bowen, a long time friend and comfidant who collaborated with Tristan on several works. She is an expert at Roku and all forms of ceramics. Not only did the piece survive, her work made it rock solid and easy to care for in the future. We think Gene is perhaps the only ceramicist who could've pulled this off and are eternally grateful to her for her efforts.

The result is the treasure you see depicted here.

BLM May 2015