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A Man of Passion, Creativity, Art, Music, Writing. Architecture, Love & Family
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Tristan Meinecke's deep seated compulsion to propel himself into a creative state, through means both wise and unwise, from whichhe felt he had a chance to possibly accomplish something magnificent, was central to much of his life. It formed the foundation of his obsessions with breaking creative barriers and expanding creative boundaries. To this end, ignoring risks both professional and personal, he forced himself outside of established methods; immersing himself in a cacophony of emotions, abandoning himself to perceptions alternatively dreadful and wonderful, atavistic or epiphanous, in essence as he stated: "aspiring to total hysteria". In this "fugue" he created frenetically, with an almost pathological frenzy, working on several projects in several mediums and styles simultaneously -- often for extended periods. His journeys of experimentation were not without peril -- In more than just a "sense" he was out there all by himself . . . alone . . . no guide book, no map. Scary as hell sometimes and at others a powerful transcendence of the normal ways of thinking, perceiving and creating. It took courage and it took a toll. Examining the totality of his work, most would join an acerbic critic in concluding: "[Tristan Meinecke] pushed back the frontiers of artistic expression." He attained the marvelous, he expanded on the magnificent, leaving it all to us as a gift. Et venit videns creavit!
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