• Quote by Isil Egrikavuk:. . . it wouldn’t be right to place his work in one school or movement as it is so diverse, consisting of layers within layers of abstract expressionism, surrealism, cubism, and his well-established form called split-level painting.
  • Asphalt Stained Glass by Trstan Meinecke
  • Dancer by Tristan Meinecke
  • Dangerous Curve by Tristan Meinecke
  • Punctum Contra Punctum by Trstan Meinecke
  • Quote John Corbett:  Heterogeneous Icon is the name of [Tristan’s] significant split-level painting, which was exhibited in the American Show at SAIC in 1957.
  • Burning With Awareness by Tristan Meinecke
  • Abstract Face #4 by Trstan Meinecke
  • Homage to Mondrian by Tristan Meinecke
  • Quote Tristan Meinecke: One day, in the ’50s, I found a tractor cover along the way and I felt I had to do something with it. I took it home and glued it and colored it and gave it a mask shape … it didn’t crack.”
  • The Image by Tristan Meinecke
  • Mistrial by Trstan Meinecke
  • Tunnel Vision by Tristan Meinecke
  • Quote Chicago Reporter 1957: Flowing from his subconscious, Meinecke’s abstracts are guided principally by the creative act itself and have been highly praised by the Chicago Art Institue curator, Fred Sweet. ”
  • So Square by Tristan Meinecke
  • Windy City by Tristan Meinecke
  • Stilio by Tristan Meinecke
  • Quote by jeff Goldstein: I was floored by the prowess of [his]technical skills,
  • Circumspection by Tristan Meinecke
  • Idiomatic  by Tristan Meinecke
  • Keep the Home Fires Burning  by Tristan Meinecke
  • Quote by Franklin Rosemont: “Certain paintings, because of the special pleasure and excitement they bring to the eyes and mind, spark our eagerness to share them with others. Such was my immediate response when, in 1975, I beheld for the first time the alluring and defiantly different work of Tristan Meinecke”
  • American Madonna by Tristan Meinecke
  • Greenspace by Tristan Meinecke
  • Study in Crayon  by Tristan Meinecke
  • Quote by Gene Bowan: Tristan wasn’t crazy at all -- he was a genius!
  • Wrapped Woman  by Tristan Meinecke
  • Gray Face  by Tristan Meinecke
  • Sitting Nude  by Tristan Meinecke
  • Quote by Joseph E. Lewis: “One of Tristan’s large arresting split level paintings (double sunset) hangs in my living room. I wouldn’t want to be without it. Every time I look at, which is several times a day, I see the totality of the universe in a new way . . . ”
  • Rend Lake by Tristan Meinecke
  • Watercolor Smokestack  by Tristan Meinecke
  • Reclining Nude  by Tristan Meinecke
  • Quote by Hal Rammel: Tristan had maintained a remarkable level of accomplishment in every direction he took.
  • Open Rebellion by Tristan Meinecke
  • Signature by Tristan Meinecke
  • Big Blue by Tristan Meinecke
  • Flowers by Tristan Meinecke
  • Quote by Eddie Balchowsky: “Tris Meinecke is the goddamnedest sonofabitch I ever met.
  • Idological  by Tristan Meinecke
  • Untitled by Tristan Meinecke

The creative life of Tristan Meinecke, Artist, Architect, Muscian, Composer, Writer and family man.  A true Chicago Icon. Don't steal from us. The creative life of Tristan Meinecke, Artist, Architect, Muscian, Composer, Writer and family man.  A true Chicago Icon.



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